Valentino Vincenzo Giulio Vescio di Martirano, Muoversi liberamente nell’era digitale e nel metaverso

DIRITTO E POLITICA DEI TRASPORTI (ISSN 2612-5056), II/2022, p. 131 – 142


Moving freely in the digital age and in the metaverse.

Full self-determination permeates both laws and lives, particularly in the digital context. Strictly connected with this topic is the consent as well foundation of the relationships in different fields. In particular, the freedom of circulation related to the single person or group of people is compromised in the physical and metaphysic reality due to the progress of technologies. The practical conditions of exercising of these rights are strictly connected to the understanding of consent in the digital world. This contribution analyses the pathologies of the consent and the way how the digital context actually reduces or substitute the self-determination. On the other hand, these pathologies reveal how can be easy nudged and manipulated by powerful companies – e.g. by means of algorithms – against the actual interests of a group of people or democracy itself, and that this process is easier due to the fact the important issue of protecting the faculty of the “self-determination” is not really focused on that problem, especially in the digital transportation sector as well as in the circulation sector in general.