Francesco Gaspari, La revisione del Piano Nazionale degli Aeroporti e il nuovo paradigma regolatorio proposto dall’ENAC


The revision of the Airport National Plan and the regulatory paradigm proposed by the ENAC.

The paper deals with the proposal of a new Piano Nazionale degli Aeroporti (Airport National Plan) drawn up by the ENAC (the Italian civil aviation authority) and submitted to the Italian Ministry of sustainable infrastructures and mobility in October 2022. The Plan, together with other regulatory trends currently under way, shows as the ENAC acts as a promoter of a new EU aviation policy. Such a new model of public administration upheld by the Authority can be seen through the theory of the s.c. Enabling State, as codified in Article 118, par. 4 of the Italian Constitution. In the second part, the work focuses on the new multilevel system in the field of air transportation law, and more specifically on the twofold dimension of resilience (both conservative and transformative).