Eleonora Papi Rea – Della nozione di incidente aereo nella sentenza della Corte di giustizia UE 19 dicembre 2019: un caso di sinistro alla persona del passeggero

DIRITTO E POLITICA DEI TRASPORTI (ISSN 2612-5056), I/2020, p. 92 – 101

Abstract. Concept of air accident in the UE Court of Justice judgment in case C-532/18. The UE Court of Justice has been asked for a preliminary ruling, referred by the Austrian Supreme Court pursuant to Article 267 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, on the configurability of the spillage of a cup of coffee as accident within the meaning of Article 21 of the Montreal Convention 1999. The Court ruled that ‘accident’ covers all situations occurring on board an aircraft in which an object used when serving passengers has caused bodily injury to a passenger, without it being necessary to examine whether those situations stem from a hazard typically associated with aviation.