European Commission – EU Urban Mobility Observatory, Press release – EASA launches the Innovative Air Mobility Hub: A platform for sustainable drone and air mobility in Europe, 24 January 2024

On 11 December 2023, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) launched the Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) Hub, a digital space for the exchange of information on air taxis and drones. The hub aims to convene a range of actors in the European system, from national authorities, to cities, operators, and manufacturers, with the primary goal of creating transparency surrounding the development of drone and air mobility technologies in Europe. It is hoped improved knowledge sharing in the context of advanced air mobility will reassure residents that concerns around the introduction of these services in European cities are being fully addressed. The first release of the Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) Hub enables all actors who have a role in the introduction of advanced air mobility to connect. They can then share and obtain reliable information and data, and facilitate the safe, secure, efficient and sustainable implementation of IAM practices. The hub will be available on the EASA website in a new domain area titled, “Drones and Air Mobility”, a dedicated landing page has also been created for cities to provide the first-hand information for interested officials, such as info cards describing ongoing operations at a city level.This  project is funded by the European Commission and the European Parliament under Flagship Action Number 7 of the European Commission Drone Strategy 2.0.