Pierre de Gioia Carabellese, Camilla Della Giustina, Smart city: innovazione, infrastrutture e smart finance. Un nuovo parametro di Costituzione e di digital regulation

DIRITTO E POLITICA DEI TRASPORTI (ISSN 2612-5056), II/2021, p. 68 – 87

Smart city: Innovation, Infrastructures, and Smart Finance. A New Yardstick of both Constitution and
Digital Regulation.
In the last decades, the concept of city has been subject to a progressive and steady evolutionary process,
thus the need for mulling over the urban environment in the light of the existence of an even more integrated
and digitalised society. In addition to this, there is an obvious need, and perhaps the urgency, for adopting
policies aimed to better implement an environmental sustainability. At the same time, it is quintessential to
ascertain which challenges the new “digital high speed” implies, particularly as far as the protection of the
right of privacy and data protection are concerned.
Against this background, a clear demarcation line between two different constitutional values is obvious:
on the one hand, a value belonging to the tangible world, on the other hand a right which required an
interaction with algorithms: in other words, a stark contrast between a human world, and a non-human
world, where both need to find a communal language.