Pierre de Gioia Carabbellese – Unmanned vehicles e rischi legali ed assicurativi. Una visuale dal Regno Unito della disciplina della responsabilità dei veicoli senza guidatore

DIRITTO E POLITICA DEI TRASPORTI (ISSN 2612-5056), I/2021, p. 1 – 11

Abstract. Unmanned vehicles and legal/insurance risks. A British point of observation of the legislation on automated machines. The paper discusses the legal concept of automated motor vehicles pursuant to the UK statute, as well as the linkage with the pertinent insurance coverage, this analysis being carried out also in the light of the potential reverberations on the Italian legal system; of the latter, the UK legislation may be regarded as the forerunner. The automated vehicles, including the most advanced forms of driverless vehicles, will seemingly be used in the UK in the imminent future. Meanwhile, in 2018, a piece of legislation has been passed and its purpose is to legislate on both the insurance contract (and the way the liability shall be apportioned among insurer, owner and, particularly, manufacturer) and the administrative law (therefore, the regulation) of the automated vehicles, focused on a register kept by the Secretary of State.